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Our ministries

2024, EFCC under the guidance of God, has set out on a new journey. After more than 30 years, everything has been renewed. Although the number of people has decreased due to the epidemic and various other factors, our passion for serving has not diminished. The quality of service provided by our pastors and co-workers has not diminished.

Our ministries are as follows:

  • The pastors' office and the education department lead the adult Sunday school;

  • Pastor Chen Jiazhang (acting) leads the Taiwanese fellowship;

  • Pastor Kristian leads the Chinese Agape family fellowship;

  • The pastors' office is responsible for children's ministry;

  • English Sunday Bible study group under the authority of pastors' office.

May God bless more people around us through these ministries!

Adult Sunday School


The Adult Sunday School Ministry of EFCC is the first part of the church's "Four-step Shepherding Structure": Truth! It is under the authority of pastor's office, and the education department is responsible for arranging the learning of various courses in the church.

The EFCC Adult Sunday School Ministry is divided into two parts: Taiwanese Sunday School and Mandarin Sunday School. The courses are based on a quarterly basis, with one course offered each quarter. They are led by different teachers respectively.

The themes are based on the Scripture and sound doctrine. The purpose is to help the brothers and sisters of EFCC to be well-equipped in both "Biblical Truth" and "Sound Doctrine".

Currently, the Taiwanese class is led by Elder Chen Changyao to study the Gospel of Luke, and the Mandarin class is led by Minister Zhong Liying to study the book of 1 Timothy.

Time: Every Sunday: 11:00am-12:00pm


Taiwanese Sunday School: EFCC Auditorium

Chinese Sunday School: EFCC Sanctuary

​Taiwanese Fellowship

The Taiwanese Fellowship Ministry led by Pastor Chen Jiazhang is a part of the "Four-step Shepherding Structure" of EFCC: Life Fellowship. The most important goal of the Taiwanese Fellowship Ministry is to apply the rich truths in the Bible to the practical life of brothers and sisters, especially in the spiritual relationship, to create a spiritual fellowship that is centered on the gospel truth, uses biblical teaching as a channel, and aims at the mutual care, support, and pray of brothers and sisters.

There are many elders in the Taiwanese Fellowship, we are convinced that the elderly are the wealth and bless of the church. We hope that the elders of EFCC can continue to enjoy God's grace in their lives, grow in the knowledge of God, and become the church's prayer warriors to bless our church continuously.

Joshua 13:1 is the vision of our Taiwanese Fellowship: Joshua was old, and the Lord said to him, "You are old and there is still much land to be possessed." May the Lord help the elders of the Taiwanese Fellowship to continue to follow and run in holy sspirit until the day of glory! If you can also speak Taiwanese, you and your friends are welcome to join our Taiwanese Fellowship.

Time: Wednesday morning 10:00am-12:00pm

Zoom meetings:


Agape Family

The Agape Family Ministry led by Pastor Kristian Gao is a Chinese-speaking fellowship of EFCC. Like the Taiwanese Fellowship, it is part of EFCC's "Four-step Shepherding Structure".

In the past few years, the Agape Family has been blessed by God in a special way. Every Friday night, we have a family gathering, and many families are willing to open their homes to host. In the fellowship, brothers and sisters are constantly being renewed and transformed by the solid gospel truth, so that the Agape Family has been built by God into a beautiful fellowship that is centered on the gospel truth, open to each other, and mutually influences life, and thus constantly produces new fruits. Here, brothers and sisters support each other in the gospel, and frankly share their weaknesses and failures without fear of being judged. Here, brothers and sisters also bravely face their own weaknesses and failures in the gospel, and also face the weaknesses and needs of others with mercy.

Welcome all Chinese-speaking brothers and sisters to join us!

Time: Friday night: 8:00pm-9:40pm

Location: EFCC Auditorium 

Children's Ministry

All New Children's Ministry: Kids in Sovereign Joy!

Do you know that there is a big difference between secular and Christian children's education methods? Do you know that in addition to having children's education skills, Sunday school teachers also need to have a deep understanding of the Bible and Christian theology, and truly experience the renewal and transformation of the gospel in their lives? This is what we expect from children's education - children's ministry centered on the gospel!

We firmly believe that children's ministry is not childcare, nor is it just children's story time. We firmly believe that children, like us adults, need the gospel to be taught to them in a way that they can accept, without compromise. Therefore, we use a very good set of teaching materials to lead children to learn the Bible book by book, and to learn the gospel truth. Children need to have an accurate understanding of the gospel in the Bible and apply it to their young hearts.

Not only that, we also firmly believe that parents are always the most important and influential teachers for children to know God and live out the gospel. Therefore, we not only focus on the education of children, but also on the maturity and growth of parents in the gospel.

Our children's ministry is currently under renovation and preparation. Please wait patiently...

Children Praying

​Volunteer Team

​coming  soon!

​English Bible Study 

Are you an English speaker or a second-generation member of our church family looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible? Then the English Bible Study Group is for you!

This welcoming group provides a supportive environment for individuals to explore the richness of God's Word. We believe the Holy Scriptures are foundational to a strong faith, and our core value is to help our second generation build a lasting relationship with them.

Led by Uncle David, the group meets every Sunday morning from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM in the English Ministry Office. We delve into a new chapter of the Bible each week, currently exploring the fascinating life story of King Solomon in 1 Kings 11. Through open discussions and insightful reflections, Uncle David helps unpack the message of the text and apply its timeless wisdom to our ever-changing world.

Whether you're a seasoned Bible reader or just starting your journey of faith, we warmly welcome you to join us. Come learn, grow, and find strength in God's Word together!

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