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The Theme for 2024: YEAR OF EQUIPPING
Receive the Word, Imitate the Lord

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And you became imitators of us and of the Lord, 

for you received the Word in much affliction, with the joy of the Holy Spirit!

~ 1 Thessalonians 1:6 ~ 

2024 is the year of equipping for our EFCC church family. The main theme is “Receiving the Truth and imatate Christ”.
Paul commended the believers of the Thessalonian church for their mature and powerful life testimonies in the midst of suffering and challenges. These testimonies are first and foremost the grace of God: both "joy in the midst of suffering" and t"he truth of the gospel" are the grace that God actively bestows on the church. God is the proactive and passionate leader who helps his church grow continuously!
Not only that, the Thessalonian church also positively responded to God's grace: in the midst of suffering, they learned and practiced that rejoice in the salvation alone, and they eagerly learned the truth, lived out the truth, and followed the example of the apostles and Christ.
The value of spiritual equipping is more important when people of God faced suffering surroundings. The church's spiritual practice such as "reliance on grace", "equipment in the truth", and "following the steps of Christ daily" will magnify the glorious power in the days that are full of challenges and difficulties!
For our EFCC church family, the environment we live in is not fundamentally different from that of the Thessalonian church. Various challenges surround the us: the cultural trend of resisting the gospel is becoming more prevalent around us; the corrupted moral standards is eroding people's daily lives seriously; the turmoil situation of the whole world; social, culture, and political divisions are still intensifying...
In such an environment, for every true Christian who is eagerly
love the glory of God and expect the revival of church, there is nothing more important than to be deeply equipped in the spiritual life. 
In 2024, let us strive to equip ourselves in three things so that we can keep our feet in the challenges and be a witness for Christ!
First, focus on learning that our ultimate joy, satisfaction, and hope are only in the Lord Christ. This is the sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Second, let us not be satisfied with superficial faith, but strive to grow and deepen in the truth of the gospel so that we can overcome the challenges of this world.
Third, let us build an authentic and faithful life and imitate the Lord Christ in every area of our daily life!
I hope that when we finish 2024, the apostle Paul's commendation to the Thessalonian church will also be God's commendation to EFCC!

May 12th. Mother's Day
Sunday worship service!

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The kingdom of God has indeed come because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, but it is not yet fully fulfilled, While waiting for Christ’s return, Christians enjoy the victory of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit: salvation and sanctification. At the same time, they also continue to experience the eschatological struggles and tensions that have not yet been fully removed. Therefore, Christians still face many challenges and difficulties. However, because Jesus Christ’s salvation is already manifested in the church through the work of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit continually testifies to Christ in the lives of believers, sanctifying them, Christians have enough power to face the challenges of this life. Furthermore, before Christ’s return, in the eschatological context, the tension between the world’s wisdom and God’s power cannot be reconciled. The world will inevitably treat God’s true wisdom and power as foolishness and reject Jesus Christ’s salvation as weakness. Therefore, the manifestation of the church’s power in the end times is through weakness, humility, and shame, just like Paul. This is the most concrete expression of the Holy Spirit’s power!

Church Interior
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2024: “The Year of Equipping. Let's read the Bible together.
Join us!"

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