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​Message from God

The Power of God's Word

EFCC believes that the church revival, the renewal of believers' spiritual life and the glorification of God's name are all accomplished by God's Holy Spirit through God's Word. Christian church in our age needs powerful messages that come from God and are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the responsibility of the church pulpit is not to entertaining people, but to proclaim the gospel without compromise according to God's commission. Therefore, we attach great importance to humbly and reverently applying God's Word to people's lives with rigorous theology and exegesis, helping believers and non-believers alike to experience the power of the gospel!

The Centrality of God's Word in Church Growth

EFCC upholds the church growth principles taught in the Bible and firmly believes that according to the teachings of Ephesians 4:1-16, God's Word is the foundation and source of power for church growth. The various ministries given by the Holy Spirit are all centered on God's Word and use the "Ministry of the Word" to equip all the saints to build up the body of Christ-the church. No church's ministry can be separated from the power of God's Word. Only when God's Word is filled in every part of church life can the church truly grow to a mature and healthy church. Therefore, the "Ministry of the Word" is also the core of the ministry of EFCC.

The Ministry of the Word at EFCC

The pastors of EFCC also follow the teachings of the Bible: they devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4). With a humble attitude and spiritual passion, they deeply preach the truth of the Bible and are sensitive to the needs and the challenges of the church. They use God's Word to equip the saints and protect the church.

Pastors in EFCC believe that "Expository Preaching" is the most important and effective way for pastors to strengthen the faith of the saints. It is a method of preaching that focuses on explaining and applying the text of the Bible in a way that is faithful to the original meaning and relevant to the lives of the congregation.

The Joy and Hope of Life

EFCC firmly believes that when God reveals His incomparable glory to His chosen people by His Holy Spirit and through the Word, His people will truly gain the joy and hope of life!

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