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Children's ministry teacher

5882 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA, USA

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Job description 

if you are interested in this job position, please download our ministry description. May God bless you!

children‘s ministry
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About our church

Getting to Know Our Church
Our EFCC church family was established in 1988 with the initial purpose of serving the Chinese community in Cerritos and its surrounding cities. Over the past thirty-five years, our church has experienced both glory and moments of weakness and failure. However, all of this has been completely renewed in the grace of Christ. Today, EFCC stands as a brand-new congregation, having undergone the refining fire of God's baptism. We recommit ourselves and move forward into the future. We eagerly to see that God will use our church family to serve not only Chinese people but different ethnic people groups, not only this generation but the next generation in the future!

Our Vision
In the past many years, we have recognized the needs of North American churches:
- Worship centered on God
- A passionate pursuit of truth
- Healthy, open, life-generating relationships among believers.
To address these needs, our vision is to establish a mature church that integrates worship, truth, relationships, and the mission—four in one. This aims to help believers grow, mature, and be fully transformed for God's glory, serving the community and leading people to Jesus Christ.

Our Mission
Just as our church's name (in Chinese it refers to "Divine Joy" ) suggests, our mission is to assist true Christians in a deeper longing for the glory of God, finding true joy and satisfaction solely in Him. We firmly believe that we can glorify God most by finding ultimate joy in Him in every aspect of life. We firmly believe that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

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