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高翔牧師/Rev. Kristian Gao


高翔牧师和師母鄭紅月傳道(Selina. Gao)進入婚姻超過10年,上帝藉著婚姻與家庭給了他們許多屬靈生命的訓練,使他們的婚姻成為美好見證。他們現在育有兩個男孩:Moses and Mohler。

Pastor Kristian has many years of pastoral experience. Over the years, God has used him to lead evangelistic meetings, spiritual growth retreats, and theological training in various locations in mainland China. In 2016, following God's guidance, he came to the United States to pursue a master's degree. In 2017, while studying, he began serving at EFCC, primarily overseeing Chinese ministry. Currently, he holds a pastoral role at EFCC, overseeing the pastoral work.

Pastor Kristian and his wife, Minister Zheng Hongyue (Selina Gao), have been married for over 10 years. Through marriage and family, God has provided them with spiritual training, making their marriage a beautiful testimony. They have two sons, Moses and Mohler.


高翔牧師/Rev. Kristian Gao
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