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A letter of praise to our God and thanks to our dear brothers and sisters at Sheng Xi Church

We want to express our appreciation for the beautiful wedding you put on for Zhang Wen-Han and Sung Ming on Sunday, March 13. When we wrote asking you to bless them with a prayer, we certainly did not mean to request a complete wedding ceremony and reception! We were surprised and pleased with what an amazing celebration it was, accomplished in such a short time by so many working long hours together. It was our deep joy to watch it on zoom, with our hearts full of gratitude to God for His providing a way for them to begin their marriage with the blessing of the Lord. We believe our Heavenly Father was watching it all from heaven with even greater joy, because He saw you showing His love to His own precious lambs. It was fun to follow your progress as Selina sent pictures of the incredible preparations. We watched the church family working happily together in unity and with willing hearts, creatively, generously, beautifully, and thoughtfully. We saw work in action everywhere and we know God saw much more than we could see. Hebrews 6:10 says, “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.” Wen-Han was a student at the university near our home here in Nebraska, who attended the group Bible study in our home. When his parents visited him here for a few months, they kindly cooked dinner for the students who met here every Friday evening. Zhang Baba and Mama are in their home country now, where they love and follow Jesus although they face many difficulties. We were very thankful that you, as their brothers and sisters in Christ, encouraged them by caring for their son so generously. Sung Ming’s father passed away within the last year. Your kindness has been a support to Sung Ming’s mother also. Yesterday on the zoom she shed quiet tears. Sung Ming noticed it and came close to the computer, saying sweetly, “Don’t cry, Mom.” Her mother replied, “I am just so moved and grateful.” She too loves Jesus, and I am sure your kindness caused her to praise the God who worked this miracle for her daughter. God has used your church family to help these two precious young people build a solid foundation for their marriage. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to celebrate with the family of God in such a meaningful way, rather than all alone. We believe it will help them remember that marriage is not “easy come, easy go” as it often is in our culture. Thank you for every word of reminder you gave them to live for Jesus, and every example you set for them as you expressed God’s love so well. It means so much to us that we could be co-workers together with you in the lives of Zhang Wen-Han and Sung Ming. In our ministry here, there was an elderly American gentleman named Gary who always prayed fervently for Wen-Han, even long after Wen-Han moved away from Nebraska. Gary now seems to be nearing heaven as he lies in a care home. We are hoping to share with him the wonderful story of God’s care for Wen-Han in providing the Sheng Xi church family to celebrate with him. So even this dear brother will be encouraged that God has heard his prayers. Brothers and sisters, we are all so privileged to belong to God and to each other in the precious family of God. Thank you again for loving these children of your Heavenly Father. We pray that God will bless you abundantly with His peace and grace as you continue to serve Him. In His love, Liu Ba and Ma, David and Judy Newquist

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